Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting flu vaccinations when you have Behcet's

The question comes up every year: "I have Behcet's -- should I risk getting a flu shot?"

And just like clockwork, an article shows up in some medical journal or other to help you (and your doctors) make a decision. Granted, these articles never seem to specifically cover Behcet's, but the info is still useful.

The latest article (just published in September's issue of "Rheumatology") is called "Vaccinations in patients with immune-mediated inflammatory diseases." You can read the whole article for free online, and share it with other people, by going here:

The bottom line: Vaccinations against flu and pneumonia in people with inflammatory diseases may be helpful as long as they're not LIVE vaccines. Also, patients who are taking immunosuppressant meds may not have as strong an immune response to vaccines...that means they have a higher chance of getting the illness than someone who's been vaccinated and ISN'T taking immunosuppressant drugs. Regardless, if you have any questions about the safety of getting a flu shot when you have Behcet's, speak with your doctor(s) FIRST!!

Here are two other articles that you might find interesting:

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And how about vaccinations other than flu shots? Here are some extra articles and abstracts that you might want to read:

1: Bir LS, Esmeli FO, Cenikli U, Erdogan C, Degirmenci E.
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3: Molloy ES, Powell FC, Doran MF, Ryan JG, Mulligan NJ, McCarthy CJ, Keogan MT,
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