Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The best way to order the new Behcet's book and Barnes & Noble have dropped the ball when it comes to the new Behcet's book. Amazon prefers to say it's "out of print" instead of changing to the new release date of November 30th. B&N has cancelled all pre-orders, refunded people's money and removed the book from their site. Aaargh!

At this point, pre-ordering the book from the publisher's own website is the best option for getting a copy when it's finally available. They're offering a 30% discount with the redemption code below. According to the publisher:
Please direct people to this link-- 
If they use the code MLIWEB, they will get 30% off their order. This would ship as soon as it hits our warehouse and is the fastest way for customers to get the book.

A 30% discount is even better than amazon's price. Yay for Mercury Learning and Information.

Thanks for your patience.