Thursday, December 18, 2014

The ABDA is looking for a volunteer Director of Development (fundraiser)

From the American Behcet's Disease Association:
The ABDA is seeking a VOLUNTEER for the position of Director of Development.

Job Description:
The Director of Development is a VOLUNTEER board member position of the American Behcet's Disease Association (ABDA). The Development Director’s primary responsibility is to ensure enough money is raised to support the mission and growth of the ABDA. This includes developing and driving annual budgets and fundraising campaigns, identifying funding sources, growing and nurturing donor and sponsor partnerships, ensuring a diverse and sustainable base of individual donors and volunteers, overseeing special events and ensuring proper reporting, data entry and other supporting systems are in place and up-to-date.

As stated in the ABDA Bylaws, adopted on March 18, 2008:
The Director of Development is not an Officer of the ABDA Board of Directors.

General broad duties of all Board members:
1. Finance participation as a Board member.
2. Serve a term of office that is three years.
3. Always act in accordance with the Constitution and Bylaws, to abide by the guidelines as stated in the Code of Conduct, and to achieve the Association’s mission through prudent and ethical action.
4. Provide leadership, clarify, and sustain the mission of the Association.
5. Attend and actively participate in decision-making process and Board votes, all monthly Board calls, weekly Board Water Cooler calls, and attend one Board meeting per year.
6. Participate in establishing strategic plans, to approve and support the financial and program goals of the annual budget, and to ensure the Association’s financial stability.
7. Actively seek candidates for the Board who have demonstrated leadership skills, a commitment to fighting Behcet’s Disease and to the Association, and who bring diversity of all types to the table.

Specific responsibilities of the Director of Development volunteer:
A. Develop and execute an annual fundraising plan which supports the ABDA’s annual budget and key strategic programs.
B. Regularly report fundraising milestones, progress, blockers, risks and actions to the Board of Directors.
C. Develop a positive ABDA brand, focusing on a strategy to expand donor audiences through strong partnerships, community relations, newsletters, speaking engagements, and other activities to raise awareness.
D. Secure and grow financial support from individuals, foundations, grants, and corporations.
E. Direct the production of campaign summaries and management reports by setting priorities for support staff in order to implement campaign action plans, gauge results, and determine future courses of action.
F. Define successful Donor Recognition and Volunteer Recognition, and drive timely compliance which increases the satisfaction, motivation and retention of ABDA donors and volunteers.
G. Assist in recruitment, orientation and training of volunteer staff.

Must have computer with Internet connection and color printer, working knowledge of database and Microsoft Office programs, a minimum of 2 years working experience within the fundraising/event planning industry, and the ability to travel to events. Must be a motivating public speaker and networking professional. Must have storage available for products.

The Director of Development serves a 3-year term.

This position can expense business-related items following ABDA’s Expense Reimbursement Policy and Procedure. Expenses are pre-approved by the Board.

Estimated Time Commitment (per week):
Minimum required: 3-5 hours per week, excluding events.

If interested, please submit resume to