Saturday, November 15, 2008

2008 EULAR abstracts -- now you can read them

Thanks to a reader, I just found out today that the links in my last post weren't working correctly for some subscribers, even though I was able to open them with no problem.

So... I'll give instructions on how to access the EULAR abstracts. I'm sorry for the problems -- I'll get this process down at some point.


To access the 177 abstracts dealing with Behcet's:

Go to
Check the box on the right that says you agree with the Terms of Use, and click "Submit"
Click the tab near the top that says "Titles"
In the "Search" box at the top, type: Behcet and click "Go"
The 177 abstract links should show up in a long list over several pages. If you click on individual abstract titles, you'll get a popup with that particular abstract.

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