Wednesday, February 9, 2011

UPDATED LINKS for the new online study on reproductive health in people with vasculitis

[2/9/11: Please note, the original link that I posted for this study on Sunday was incorrect and has been revised...see the end of this post for the new info and links] 

There is a new clinical research study to learn about reproductive health in people with  vasculitis; this study will look at pregnancy in women, and fertility in both men and women. 

This on-line research study is being conducted by the Vasculitis Clinical Research Consortium (VCRC) under the direction of Dr. Megan Clowse, from Duke University Medical Center and VCRC Investigators at the University of South Florida.

Purpose and Background

The purpose of this study is to learn about reproductive health, including fertility and pregnancies, in people with vasculitis.

Who Can Take This Survey?

Both men and women who have vasculitis [including Behcet's disease] and are age 18 and older can participate in this study.

What This Study Involves

This study consists of an online survey. You will be asked to provide answers to a series of questions related to your reproductive health and vasculitis. The consent form explains the research study and your part in the study. If you decide to participate in this confidential research you will be directed to the survey after you read the consent form and choose that you would like to participate. The survey should take about 20-30 minutes of your time.

There are no costs to you for participating in this research study. 

To get more information, please follow this new link:

AND in order to participate in this study, you must first sign up to join the VCRC Contact Registry: