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Table of Contents for the new Behcet's book

My third Behcet's book has detailed answers to
92 of the most frequently asked questions received
from patients over the years.

2015 National Health Information Merit Award Winner,
Patient Education

Foreword by Kenneth T. Calamia, MD
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
"[Joanne] updates and builds on an earlier work, Essential
 Guide to Behcet's Disease
(2003). What is unchanged

is the author's passion as a Behcet's patient, researcher
and advocate, to empower the reader with understanding
and tools to meet and contain the challenges of this disease." 

ISBN-10: 1938549406     ISBN-13: 978-1938549403

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Chapter 1.           An overview of Behcet’s disease
1              What is Behcet’s disease?
2              Is it Behcet’s disease or Behcet’s syndrome?
3              What kinds of doctors treat Behcet’s?
4              How can I find a doctor in my state or country who’s familiar with
                treating Behcet’s?

Chapter 2.           Behcet’s disease around the world
5              Where is Behcet’s disease most common?
6              What about people who move from places where Behcet’s is common to
                places where isn’t?
7              Which Behcet’s symptoms are most common?
8              How is Behcet’s in the U.S. and Western/Northern Europe different from
                Behcet’s in Silk Road countries?

Chapter 3.           Diagnosis of Behcet’s disease
9             Is there any test that will definitely prove you have Behcet’s disease?
10           What types of test results are common (but not required) when trying to
               diagnose Behcet’s?
11           What is a pathergy test, and is it necessary for diagnosis?  
12           What is an HLA test?
13           Do you need a positive HLA-B5 or HLA-B51 test result to get a Behcet’s 
14           Does a positive HLA-B5 or HLA-B51 result mean you’ll have a worse case of 
15           What are “Classification Criteria” for Behcet’s?
16           Should doctors use Classification Criteria to diagnose Behcet’s patients?
17           Do you need to show all of the standard Behcet’s symptoms at the same time 
               to get a Behcet’s diagnosis?
18           Can you get a Behcet’s diagnosis even if you live in countries where it isn’t 
               common, like the U.S. or the U.K.?

Chapter 4.           Oral and genital sores and other skin lesions
19           Does everyone with Behcet’s get mouth ulcers?
20           What types of skin lesions can be caused by Behcet’s, and what do they look  
21           Are there over-the-counter or prescribed medications to help with prevention, 
               pain and/or healing of these ulcers?

Chapter 5.           Eye disease in Behcet’s
22           What types of eye problems can happen with Behcet’s?  
23           If I have inflammation in one eye, will my other eye be affected too?
24           What type of doctor should examine my eyes?
25           What types of eye problems need to be seen immediately?
26           Is it okay to have eye surgery – like cataract removal or Lasik – if you have 
27           Can I wear contact lenses if I have Behcet’s?
28           Am I going to go blind? 

Chapter 6.           Behcet’s and the nervous system  
29           Does Behcet’s target the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous 
30           What is parenchymal involvement in neuro-Behcet’s?
31           What is non-parenchymal involvement in neuro-Behcet’s?
32           What are some other medical issues of neuro-Behcet’s?
33           Can Behcet’s cause psychiatric or cognitive problems?
34           How do specialists diagnose neuro-Behcet’s? [For clinicians]
35           If I have headaches, does that mean I have neuro-Behcet’s?
36           Can neuro-Behcet’s cause seizures?
37           When are memory problems normal and when should I worry?  
38           What can I expect long-term if I have neuro-Behcet’s ?

Chapter 7.           Behcet’s and the gastrointestinal (GI) system  
39           What parts of the GI tract can be affected by Behcet’s?
40           What types of GI symptoms can Behcet’s patients have?
41           Can surgery in the GI tract be a problem for Behcet’s patients?
42           How can specialists tell the difference between Behcet’s and Crohn’s disease?

Chapter 8.           Behcet’s and the ears, nose and throat
43           Can Behcet’s affect your hearing?
44           If you suddenly lose your hearing, can you get it back?
45           What happens if your inner ear is affected by Behcet’s?
46           Can Behcet’s cause ulcerations or lesions in your nose, or affect your sense of 
47           Can Behcet’s cause swelling or ulcerations in the throat?

Chapter 9.           Behcet’s and the cardiovascular system
48           What is the cardiovascular system?
49           Can Behcet’s affect the heart?
50           What symptoms might point to heart involvement?
51           How do specialists check for heart involvement?
52           What types of blood vessel problems can be caused by Behcet’s?
53           What are the major vein-related problems for BD patients?
54           What are the major artery-related problems for BD patients?

Chapter 10.         Behcet’s and the lungs
55           What kinds of symptoms could point to Behcet’s-related lung problems?
56           What specific lung issues have been seen in Behcet’s patients?
57           Can you have Behcet’s-related lung problems even if you have normal test 
58           Can people with Behcet’s develop BOOP?

Chapter 11.         Behcet’s in families and children
59           Is Behcet’s genetic?  
60           Can Behcet’s be passed on to your children?
61           Can more than one person in a family have Behcet’s?  
62           What is “genetic anticipation” and how does it apply to Behcet’s?
63           Do children with Behcet’s have different symptoms than adults with Behcet’s?
64           What other Behcet’s-related issues in children are especially important?
65           Will my child outgrow Behcet’s at puberty?

Chapter 12.         Behcet’s in pregnancy and postpartum
66           Do Behcet’s symptoms get better or worse during pregnancy?
67           Is there any information on pregnant women with Behcet’s in the United States?
68           Does Behcet’s cause problems with fertility?
69           Do women with Behcet’s have more miscarriages than normal?               
70           What kinds of complications have been reported in Behcet’s pregnancies?  
71           What Behcet’s medications are safe to take during pregnancy and
72           What is neonatal Behcet’s?

Chapter 13.         Treatments for Behcet’s disease  
73           Which medications work best for which symptoms?
74           Why can’t I use prednisone all the time if it works so well?
75           Will immunosuppressive medications make my hair fall out or lead to cancer?
76           Do Behcet’s patients have more complications after surgery than normal?
77           How can I find out about clinical trials for Behcet’s?  
78           Is bone marrow (stem cell) transplant a possible treatment for Behcet’s?

Chapter 14.         Disability benefits and prognosis
79           Is it hard to get Social Security disability benefits for Behcet’s in the United 
80           Is it true that Behcet’s “burns out” in some patients as they get older?  
81           A lot of Behcet’s patients who post on social networks seem really ill. Am I 
               going to be that sick someday, too?
82           What are the chances I’ll be hospitalized at some point with Behcet’s 
83           What’s the life expectancy for someone with Behcet’s?

Chapter 15.         Miscellaneous questions: Sleep, vitamin D, tattoos, sex, teeth, fibromyalgia and joints, flu shots, and genitourinary issues
84           Can Behcet’s cause sleep problems?  
85           Do Behcet’s patients have low levels of vitamin D?
86           Does tattooing cause problems for people with Behcet’s?
87           Can Behcet’s cause sexual problems?
88           Can dental problems be related to Behcet’s?   
89           Do Behcet’s patients have a problem with fibromyalgia?
90           What types of joint involvement are common?  
91           Is it safe to get flu shots if you have Behcet’s?
92           What are some genitourinary problems linked to Behcet’s?

This new book is available at sites around the world (in paperback and Kindle editions), at and other book distributors, and as a special order at any local bookstore. Your local library may also be able to order a copy for you.
Amazon listing in the US: 

  • ISBN-10: 1938549406
  • ISBN-13: 978-1938549403