Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Behcet's at the 2013 Rheumatology Congress

The rheumatology world meets every year at the ACR/ARHP conference (American College of Rheumatology and the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals). This year it's in San Diego, from October 25-30.

The ACR has posted a supplement on its website that includes all of the abstracts (summaries) of the research presented at this meeting. Keep in mind that research that's presented at conferences (and hasn't yet been published) may not be complete! It may have some incorrect statistics, wrong conclusions, or other inconsistencies. In other words, don't take the information you read in conference abstracts as gospel truth — but at least it gives us a snapshot of what the researchers are looking at.

Approximately 20 of this year's presentations offer new insights into Behcet's.You can look at all of the abstracts through this link:

If you want to specifically look at the Behcet's-related research, do a search of the abstracts (CTRL and F together). I've included a list below of the research that's the most easy to understand — you can read each listing by searching on the abstract numbers on the left. You'll notice that the majority of the numbers fall within a specific range, so you can read most of the Behcet's-related info by starting at 2617. 

BTW, the term "refractory" means stubborn and hard to treat. I've shortened or re-worded some of the study titles to simplify them.

761     Apremilast for the treatment of Behcet's (Phase II study results, Celgene)
1450   Safety of using TNF-blockers after development of tuberculosis
1750   Biologic therapy in refractory Behcet's uveitis
2617   Clinical features of Behcet's in Japan
2618   Bipolar disorders may represent a primary feature of Behcet's
2619   Suicidal thoughts in Behcet's patients
2620   Development of major organ involvement in Behcet's follow-up
2621   Venous claudication in Behcet's (pain and/or cramping in the lower leg due to inadequate blood flow to the muscles) 

2623   CT evaluation of heart/lung lesions in Behcet's pts without lung symptoms 
2624   Using ultrasound to evaluate asymptomatic venous disease in Behcet's
2625   Biologic therapy in treating refractory Behcet's uveitis
2626   Infliximab for sight-threatening and refractory Behcet's uveitis 
2627   Prognosis of visual function in treatment of Behcet's uveitis with infliximab
2628   Shortening the interval between infliximab infusions in Behcet's uveitis
2629   Is complete remission a realistic target with current treatments in Behcet's?
2630   Low medication adherence (taking meds as prescribed) in Behcet's
2631   Fertility in Behcet's
2632   Long-term outcome of neuro-Behcet's